Nette Robinson

Nette Robinson is an exceptional jazz singer, composer and arranger.  She is described as "cool and deadly accurate" (tim Whitehead) and was nominated as an up-and-coming talent in JazzUK.  


Nette has performed with variuos top musicians including Martin Shaw, Tim Whitehead, Chris Biscoe, Bobby Wellins and Michael Garrick, with who she is performing Bill Evans songs and Garrick originals.  


Nette Robinson is a well respected jazz arranger and composer.  She has performed her own big-band charts with, amongst others, the National Youth Jazz Orchestra.  Bill Ashton hailed her as having a bright future ahead of her in the jazz world.


Nette's main project is her Little Big-Band.  She formed this band in 2005 as a platform for celebrating and paying homage to the music of big-band legends.  The material is a seriously exciting and imaginative mix of big-band sounds including transcribed solis, shout choruses and solos and free, sometimes collective improvisation.  The band is unusual for a singer as there is no chordal instrument.  Also Nette arranges the pieces in such a way as to keep the focus shifting from one musician to the next, demonstrating the equal importance of each player as opposed to a band providing an accompaniment for a singer.  As a result, the LBB is highly enjoyable for both the listeners and the musicians.


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"Very fine singer, very accurate, very emotional."


(Michael Garrick MBE, Jazz Library, BBC Radio 3.)